What's your story?


Every company has a story to tell. If you tell it in the right way, in the right place, to the right people, you stand a fair chance of getting a result. And that's our speciality. 

We are a content and PR agency that helps companies and organisations to engage their audiences, build their brands and strengthen their market positions.  



Heads, hearts and minds


Today, branded content is an integral part of the media mix. This means that people are more receptive to your message than ever before.

As your partner, we can help you create a strong bond with the people you need to reach. How do we do this? By appealing to their heads, hearts and minds.  


Objective approach  

The Greenwood team is drawn from the world of journalism, public relations, design, advertising and marketing.

Together, we offer a wealth of communications skill, an international perspective and, perhaps most importantly, an objective approach to your business. Want to know more about             our services?